Richard Chartier (often mixing under the pseudonym Pinkcourtesyphone) began DJing in 1991, in the heyday of techno.

As a DJ he is best known for his nights FILLER (2001-2003), Mies (2004-2005), and Procedure (2005-2009) in Washington, DC as well as the Treatment (2002-2003) monthly event at Sonar in Baltimore. His special Proto-Synthesis night sprinkled throughout 2000-2003 was a precursor to the renewed interest in Cold Wave and 1977-1983 electronic music. He was proud to DJ at the fateful last night of BUZZ in DC before it was shut down. He has DJed internationally including at Sonar Festival (Spain), Glade Festival (UK) and ElectroFringe (Australia).

Currently he hosts/djs with Maria Minerva & Alejandro Cohen (dublab / Pharaohs) at the happy hour event PROCEDURE at Melody Lounge in Chinatown, Los Angeles on the last Tuesday of every month… from 5:30-9:00pm to be exact!

His sets can be an eclectic mix, ranging from mid-20th century analog-ica to tech-house to ambient soundscapes to contemporary avant garde electronica with goth/industrial/post punk sprinkles. Textures, rhythms and noise non-chalantly mixed into a flowing soundtrack for you and your cocktail.

so why not listen?

PROCEDURE.LA – June 28, 2016
– February 23, 2016
 – Dec 29, 2015 (live)
 – Oct 27, 2015 (live)
PROCEDURE.LA – Aug 25, 2015 (live)
 – July 28, 2015 (live)
 – June 30, 2015 (live)
PROCEDURE.LA – May 26, 2015 (live)

A CHANCE MIX 12 (night so dark) – June 2016
 (goodbye2015) – December 2015
(your eyes see too much) – October 2014
A CHANCE MIX 9 (summersend) – July 2014 (for Headphone Commute)
A CHANCE MIX 8 (summer blanket) – July 2014 
A CHANCE MIX 7 (it now seems real) – July 2014 (originally for Electronic Explorations)
A CHANCE MIX 6 (shape issue) – January 2014
A CHANCE MIX 5 (object cannot be liked) – September 2013 (originally for Secret Thirteen)
A CHANCE MIX 4 (nightcruise) – December 2012 (originally for BUTT Magazine)
A CHANCE MIX 3 (my breath is inside you) – Spring 2012
A CHANCE MIX 2 (every little star) – Winter 2011
A CHANCE MIX 1 (playtime is over) – Fall 2011
A CHANCE MIX .5  (squirrelly) – Fall 2010 (originally for Squirrelly, Brooklyn)