talk the pleasure out of it
Champion Version, UK /¬†CV201608 / lathe cut 10″ vinyl + digital / January 15, 2017 / limited edition

1. Stars Fell (Closet Mix)
2. Every Last Lightbulb
3. Seemingly Endless Credits For Stars Fell
4. A Message

‘Talk The Pleasure Out Of It’ is the new release from minimalist composer Richard Chartier’s Pinkcourtesyphone alias. Building on his previous records, the movements cut across this 10″ blend live electronic and processed experiments resulting in a darker, more rhythmic voyage of texture and form. Stunning opener ‘Stars Fell (Closet Mix)’ sets the atmosphere with an enthralling low fidelity loop with emotive string swells and surging crackle. ‘Every Last Lightbulb’ is next up with oscillating loops and spiralling pulses, while ‘Seemingly Endless Credits For Stars Fell’ introduces driving rhythms around mesmeric synth clusters. ‘A Message’ brings the journey to an end in an introspective mood with thought provoking dialogue and flickering drone washes. ‘Talk The Pleasure Out Of It’ is a classic progression of ambient minimalism. Custom built for nervous chaise lounge listening, turn the lights out, lie down and immerse yourself. Stunning atmospherics.


2017: First Quarter Favorites.
Minimalist and ambient music are the aural equivalent of abstract art. Maligned by the uninitiated for their perceived simplicity (read: boring, easy to cobble together) when in actual fact anyone who has ever tried to paint an abstract on canvas finds quite quickly how difficult it is to decide what to put where — or more specifically, what not to put almost everywhere. And therein lies the art. Pinkcourtesyphone is fast establishing a reputation as the Mondrian of music minimalism. With so few concepts and sounds throughout Talk the Pleasure Out of It, it’s breathtaking how much emotion and mood is packed into this all-too-brief EP from the opening bars.