non us / constant unsteadiness
pinkcourtesyphone / lilac
one point, eat records / 10″ lathe cut vinyl + audio cassette editions / July 16, 2013

“non us / constant unsteadiness”; a project of coincidental shared influences. It started as a project exploring the qualities that relatively lo-fi formats bring to a recording. All other shared ideas and elements were there and uncovered as the project moved forward.

pinkcourtesyphone and lilac are both relaxed and open projects exercising artistic freedom. Neither artist is particularly nostalgic, but this release coaxed out a shared affinity for old post-industrial cassettes and LPs housed in impractical packaging becoming a tribute to shared favorites in their album collections.

10” lathe cut by Peter King. edition of 30 
hand duplicated pink and blue cassette. edition of 30

numbered and wrapped in velum for full format-fetish collectability!