Indelicate Slices
Room40, Australia / CD + digital / November 2017


All is lost, all is lost. Or is it?

A poignant question from Pinkcourtesyphone. A haunting strain. A coat of gloss smeared.

A scene recalled, a fond memory, a terrible lie in this new dark age of love.

Suspended in that lush, lonely feeling, Pinkcourtesyphone implores you to hang breathless on the line, above the chandeliers in shimmering stasis that belie those desperate, shadowy passions underneath.

A creak, a glance. nothing is for certain anymore. that sentimental something echoed across corridors, valleys, crevices, and it was never true. that redundant physicality kept it suspended in the lens-trapped hearts of countless thousands.

A limited edition. seven excellent examples of negative mood music. Pinkcourtesyphone’s artistry is all lustrous sounds. new meaning and beauty for…oh, you don’t even want to know. The answer is buried under centuries of suffocatingly sweet tonalities we created. Just like romance, the mighty do fall with indelicate slices.

Is it dark outside already…?


1. romantic threat
2. lure / beyond exactly
3. minimumluxuryoverdose
4. date of loss
5. above chandeliers
6. problematic interior (den)
7. in voluptuous monochrome


formed from places, plastics, and particulars during 2016-2017 by Pinkcourtesyphone / Richard Chartier Mastered by Lawrence English
design: Richard Chartier + Traianos Pakioufakis
thank you to RE, LE, JD. no thanks to conservatism + bigotry.
in dreams: Himiko, Anita, C.White.

C 2017+P Richard Chartier


If you were thinking “I could really use some mood music right now; but wow, it seems like each day life on Earth is just getting worse and worse, and all of my mood music is too positive” — fear not! Sound artist Richard Chartier, recording as Pinkcourtesyphone, is sliding right in with a whole new record of (his words) negative mood music perfect for these deeply troubled times.

Indelicate Slices will drop next month from the industrial-grade meat slicer that is Room40, providing seven coarse slivers of minimal sound design meant to be “both elegant and detached.” Perhaps this rich new diet of refined, stoic isolation will give you the energy to focus ever deeper on what matters within the midst of this interminable nightmare that is late 2017.


Richard Chartier ponders another poignant predicament as Pinkcourtesyphone with Indelicate Slices, the project’s ninth full length, arriving after sojourns to The Tapeworm and Champion Version in recent seasons. 

This is contemporary ambient music at its most opulent and intoxicating, sashaying rococo corridors of gold and red velvet smudged to shimmering pink hues, spinning solipsistic thru a permanent twilight zone of pharmaceutical haze, self-medicated and shielded to an omnipresent darkness that lurks beyond the rose beds.

It’s immaculately smashed and illusive music that slips under the skin and stimulates the imagination with uncanny efficiency, emulating none-more-rarified feels between the old world elegance of 'Romantic Threat' and the digital drizzle of 'In Voluptuous Monochrome', secreting some stunningly sensitive, psychedelic passages in the 24 minute piece 'Minimumluxuryoverdose' and the 12 minutes of OOBE like plasmic suspense of 'Above Chandeliers', with the systolic pulse of 'Problematic Interior' rendering something like a recording of an anechoic panic room.


The main soloist of the US ambient / drone composer Richard Chartier equates to the survival and evolution of a dark enigma: Pinkcourtesyphone is the self-explanatory sign of a mediated listening, "filtered" from the telephone set, but on the other end of the handset there is no " is no voice, only ambient sounds, colors, memories, immature objects with a secret story. A monochrome project in pink that has crossed the catalogs of Room40, Editions Mego, Important Records and Dragon's Eye, to return to Lawrence English today with a new effective accomplishment of his semi-abstract imagery.

The dreamlike sequences of "Indelicate Slices" are like closed-loop cameras, with a strong lynch-like feel on the interior: echoes of underwater balloons, in the manner of Leyland "The Caretaker" Kirby ("Romantic Threat"); threatening and claustrophobic (dark) room tone captured in extended form, until the dense sound image does not become somewhat sharper and characterized; Spectralist symphonies deteriorated in the long journey from an unknowable "Above Chandeliers"; thin and creeping noises above the threshold of silence, upholstery on walls, however mute and disadvantageous, lacking theater of an ever-explicated tragedy ("Minimum Voluptuous Monochrome").

With an essential part of a minimalist school set designer, Chartier prepares and enters into subconscious territories with an elegant step, an impassioned ceremony, and the only guardian of secrets beyond the threshold. Like the image, the flow of time is also illusory, as nothing happens in the dream, everything does not exist alongside sensitive experience. In the case of "Indelicate Slices", however, the awakening has changed in the consciousness - though blurred - of those places where access is denied.