Elegant & Detached
Room40 (Australia) / CD / Sept 3, 2012

Pinkcourtesyphone wants you to watch the new video from Elegant & Detached.

- Pinkcourtesyphone is an echo of an unfamiliar voice.
- Pinkcourtesyphone remembers two things you hold up to your face as a conduit to forgotten love
- Pinkcourtesyphone permeates like a syrup-y dream.
- Pinkcourtesyphone is many things from many places.
- Pinkcourtesyphone is elegant and detached.

This is the second full length call from the Pinkcourtesyphone-line; a loquacious interlude on beauty, place, and obsession. The callers voice whispers a wistful yet false love-letter to the cinema of aesthetics from a distant place concerning the things you did… and things you need to have done.


1. petraglyph (for Ranier).  12:14
2. sans motif / closer to here than you care to be. 15:03
3. an awaiting room (for Tati) / stars fell. 23:20
4. millimeters off / non us (tiny). 11:54
5. sans many things (bedtime). 09:00

A: “i’m a model… and sometimes an actress too…”
B: “you certainly are.”