“Deliver (out of area mix). remix of Derek Piotr
on Deliver / Bitsquare Recordings / CD single + digital  / July 23, 2012

“Deliver” is lifted from Derek Piotr’s second solo record Airing, released on Bitsquare

Recordings in May. The record was nominated by the jury of Ars Electronica for the Prix Ars 2012 prize in Digital Musics, and praised by Igloo Magazine: “the album duly unfolds and genuinely engrosses”. “Deliver”, a duet with Pakistani vocalist Carahanni, will be released as a full single with accompanying video, edited by Jamie Bennison.

This single features remixes from the duo Best Fwends as well as esteemed composer/producer Richard Chartier, under his new moniker Pinkcourtesyphone. Other mixes include a contribution from noise artist C. Spencer Yeh, a hypnotic 13-minute cut from producer Backyard Gypsy, a cover by performance artist Ivan Cheng, and a rework from Australian musician Paul Heslin. These will be available on the EP, released on CD and digitally July 23rd.

1. Deliver (Edit)
2. Deliver (Best Fwends Cover)
3. Deliver (Ivan Cheng Version)
4. Deliver (Pinkcourtesyphone “Out of Area” Remix)
5. Deliver (C. Spencer Yeh Remix)
6. Deliver (Paul Heslin Remix)
7. Deliver (Backyard Gypsy Remix)